Fame is in your fingertips

Everyone has a story to tell, and we all want to be heard. Introducing FAME, the groundbreaking NFT collection that puts holders in the spotlight, and provides the unique utility of making you famous in the Metaverse and the real world. Fame’s Cover Cats are a representation of YOU, shining in your brightest light for all to see, an artistic image symbolizing the power of sharing your message with the world.


How it works?

FAME provides collectors with limited edition NFTs, which are artistic, edgy, colorful, fun, valuable, and growth-oriented. Only 10,000 NFTs will be initially minted, known as the FameCat edition. Three tiers will be made, including services and benefits for token holders at each level. In varying degrees, FameCat holders will have value added through access to publications, articles, social media growth and verification, masterminds and access to the FameProject community.


FAME’s Mission:

FAME’s mission is to propel mindful individuals and brands into the worldwide spotlight, to the top of itunes charts, nine-figure businesses, cover of magazines, leading charities and beyond. We’re a community of thought leaders, game-changers, and wave makers; the entrepreneurs, investors, coaches, and renegades that are making a positive impact in the world. And we now have a collective virtual shared space to connect and thrive.

FAME’s Vision

FAME's Vision is to harness the power of public relations, allow access to the world's top media outlets and ensure that everyone with a powerful message, product or service can get the visibility, credibility and authority they can leverage to get what they want.



Have a look at some our Awesome FAME Cats NFTs:

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The roadmap to becoming famous?

Phase 1
Fame social media accounts integration.
Fame website
Invitation white list and honorary NFT allocation
Fame media day, press release, project announcement
Contests for WL and NFTs at release
Public auction and utilities announcement
Phase 2
Launch raffle, first 1000 mints will have 5 random winners of .2 ETH each
25% minted - open celebrity room in private discord
50% minted - 10% charity donation
75% minted - remaining 2500 will be entered into 1 of 1 raffle
100% minted - 2mil treasury to make you famous
Phase 3
Fame claim portal open
Rarity.tools integration
Fame magazine launch
Fame vote platform release
Live events calendar
3D metaverse integration
Exclusive early access


Creating the future with the best of the best

Where We Get Published

Creating the future with the best of the best




Join our discord and fill out a form telling us about yourself. Your story, message, what would you want to tell the press and media?
Then our team will review and brainstorm creative and viral-worthy headlines and articles that put you into the spotlight.



We’ll get you organically featured on top-tier media websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, News BTC, Bloomberg, Coin Telegraph, Yahoo News, NFT Weekly, Morning Star, Bitcoinist, USA Today, among many others.



Once you’re in the news, we'll drive even more traffic to the article by optimizing ads and collaborating with influencers, bloggers, and other media sites to share your feature.



Reverse and repeat. Establish authority and brand awareness. Become a household name in any industry through media exposure. Just by being a FAME collector we’ll make you FAMOUS!


Need help with anything?

What is the Vision of the FAME Project?

The vision of creating a new Gamified form of PR and Media built on the blockchain. FAME is the first PR agency to enter into the Web3 space, through its own generative 10k NFT Collection. Whether you are a brand, influencer, project or just looking to spread your message, we have created an equal playing ground for anyone to get media representation.

What will My FAME NFT get me?

In addition to your very own PFP, owning a FAME NFT means you are a member of the Fame Gang, which will have special & early access to our brand, future collaborations, giveaways, and opportunities to help shape the future of our project. Most importantly, FAME offers one of the most unique utilities in the space: a partnership with one of the top PR Agencies in the world, Mindful Media, which will be offering 3 tiers of promotion for our community through the CatNip Dispensary! Meaning you can choose your level of fame, in the Metaverse and IRL.

How are we going to accomplish this utility?

Introducing the CatNip Dispensary! Holders can purchase CatNip from the dispensary to unlock Fame Perks! Holders may purchase from the 3 tiers of CatNip, the attributes may include, a select number of articles written per month, verification opportunities, different tiers of community growth and engagement, and more!
We have also incorporated a loyalty program for holders that purchase CatNip on a regular basis, perks will include special bonus NFTs, first access to upcoming developments, access to private community events and other hidden surprises!
Holders of Rares, Legendaries and 1-1s also receive special perks, from VIP private events, to masterminds with celebrity guests, to podcast and television appearances, and much more.